Flavors™ x A.E. Mabry Collaboration

Flavors Creative Group™ has teamed up with the one and only A.E. Mabry to produce an extremely limited series, consisting of 2 american made crew necks, a pocket tee, and various accessories.

Alexis Mabry is an artist based out of Austin, Tx who is best known for her contrasting illustrations of "good and evil".

By combining vintage 1940's-1970's graphics depicting the average "Dick and Jane", Mabry draws a dark sense of humor to seemingly innocent childhood memorabilia. Characters with hilarious morbid depictions of beheadings and other torturous treasures sums up the beautiful, and extremely unique artwork that is created.

The Flavors™ X A.E. Mabry series will be available in extremely limited quantities online, 03.15 at 10 am.

For more information, sign up for the flavors™ mailing list, and add us on instagram @flavors.group.

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