D. Brooks "Show Me My Opponent" Drops On Soundcloud, Culture Responds.

Austin, Tx is known for it's many musicians, artists, and everything in between. Everywhere you turn there's 'talk' about a new project, a new artist emerging, and speculations of the "best, new" person coming up out of the World's Capital of Live Music.

However, D. Brooks, is replacing the 'talk' with the 'walk', and emerging as the best new rapper out of Austin, with the proof in hand. D. Brooks, part of the Austin based rap trio "Bad Influence, is taking the city, and internet, by storm after releasing his first single entitled, " Show Me My Opponent."

After two days of the single being available on Soundcloud, the newly found artist- managed by Wane Productions- had an astounding 6,300 listens! If you're not familiar with Soundcloud, this is quite an accomplishment for a rising artist. Astonishingly enough, the artist, along with the other members of Bad Influence, have only had to perform one show before reaching this audience.

The true testament here is that D. Brooks, and Bad Influence as a whole, are killing everything in site. With three shows booked for the upcoming SXSW 17, including the Flavors x Wane showcase, you will def be hearing this artist's name again...and again.

Listen to D.Brooks newest single, "Show Me My Opponent" here:


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