Flavors™ Presents: Cole Shelton

The Flavors 2017 winter collection gave us the opportunity to work with the crazy-talented artist, Cole Shelton. We wanted to take some time to shed light on Cole as an artist, and gain a better understanding of his work.

When asked to define his style, the Dallas native described his work as, "...The story of people. Telling of whom we are, what we feel, think, and believe." Mainly working with oil paintings, Cole has the ability to pay close attention to the lighting, color, characters, and narrative from an outsider's eye.

You'll notice how most of his workhorse the balance of a real life scene, with abstract qualities. The piece we featured for the Flavors™ X Cole Shelton limited sweater, entitled 'Lamentations 1', features a woman standing, almost caught off guard by whatever is in front of her. It created the perfect aesthetic for the black crewneck we chose. A sweater with extreme uniqueness and attention to detail, that appeals more and more as you get closer to the garment. This is definitely a timeless Flavors™ piece; Our first true collaboration.

Shelton is smooth; An artist in every sense of the word. Stylish, darkly intuitive, and morbidly sarcastic. He drifts around, room to room, altering his perspective and his perception of his space and the people in it. We appreciate Cole and the opportunity to work with him.

Flavors™ is proud to announce Cole Shelton's work will be available for purchase, online, mid-February. Stay tuned for more details, and add us on Instagram for pictures (@flavors.group).

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