"Holiday Shopping"

Photography: Taylor Daine

Stylist: Llyrik

We decided to do some last minute holiday shopping. Here is what happened.

After picking up Grandma's medicine, we realized the store was nearly empty... needing to grab some last minute gifts, Llyrik purchased the medicine and headed for the toy aisle; not without a leisurely stroll first, though. 

After finding the perfect toy, Llyrik headed to the hunting department to find Uncle Gary's favorite fishing gear, and of course a BB gun for his nephew. The BB gun was the easy part; turns out Gary is particular. 

Gifts are done! Finally! Time to head over to the beverages and grab some stocking stuffers and some drinks for a night cap.

Last stop: Snacks! Got to stay healthy of course. After today, its time to retire to the house and enjoy the family time. Happy holidays.- Flavors™