Mens Fall 19

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Flavors™ started by Taylor Henderson in Austin, TX on October 28, 2017 and embodies creativity with a conscious approach.

The idea of adapting endless imagination and possibilities to create unique garments and accessories.


In an industry of modernizing quantity over quality, we strive to deliver the opposition.


 Flavors™ is an ongoing project that represents inclusiveness, and offers an unrelenting commitment to transparency within the production process. 



Flavors Creative Group™ 

Taylor Daine is a multidisciplinary fashion designer with over 12 years of direct industry experience including proficiencies in style consulting, merchandising, creative direction, artist collaborations, graphic design, photography, business management, trend forecasting, and a key focus in sustainable fashion design, just to name a few.


Today he leverages his knowledge in his 5 year role as creative director, graphic designer, and trend forecaster at Flavors, and aims to expand his involvement in the industry by providing creative direction and sustainably focused design to ethically driven brands needing a positive, straightforward, and goal-oriented team member.

"It started close to home. My mother would always take me to work with her at the World Trade Center of Fashion, Dallas. It was there I developed my passion for design, expressive art, and textile sourcing. My minimal lifestyle brought about the sustainable aspect within my design philosophies, which is what I bring to the table within my work." Taylor said.